Start your Project with GitHub

GitHub is a version control and collaboration system used in the IT project and works. it allows the developers to work together on projects form anywhere.

For this GitHub no codes necessary even you don’t know codes you can access through the command line you can access.

There are main four steps to work with GitHub

1.Create and maintain repository

Repository is like a folder where our project files are stored and maintain. But inside a repository can add a single project. Repository can contain folders, any kind files, images, videos and ect.

To create a repository

  • First you have click the new button
  • Add the project name and type of the project
  • Click Create repository

2.Open new branch

Branching is the working on a different version of your current project.

By default your repository will be merge to branch called main.

To create branch

  • Go to current repository
  • click the drop down on the branch name
  • And type your new branch name
  • Select create branch

3.Push them GitHub as commits

After add your project to the repository if you need to edit your project you edit the project and commit the changes

  • After select the project click the pencil icon you will able to see in edit view
  • Edit your and change the code
  • Write a comment about the changes made
  • Click Commit changes button

4.Open and merge a pull request

Pull request is the way of collaboration on GitHub. Pull request is used after you edit your changes and send a request to project owner of the project to add the changes.

Then your changes will be shown to owner and when the owner can able to merge to your change to main project.

To make a pull request

  • Click the pull request and new pull request
  • now select your branch where you want to add your code
  • Click create pull request and add your description

How to merge….

  • Click the merge pull request
  • Click confirm merge
  • if you do not need the request you can delete the branch by clicking delete branch



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